Discovering Authentic Indian Cuisine: Top Food Blogs for First-Time Travelers in India

India, a country known for its rich cultural diversity, is also a paradise for food lovers. Each region of India has its unique cuisine, offering a wide array of dishes that are as diverse as its culture. For first-time travelers to India, discovering authentic Indian cuisine can be an exciting culinary journey. However, with so many options, it can also be overwhelming. To help you navigate through the Indian food scene, we have compiled a list of top food blogs that provide insights into the best places to taste authentic dishes from different regions of the country.

1. Eat Story

Eat Story is a blog run by Nidhi and Vipul, who share their love for food and travel. They explore different regions of India, tasting local cuisines and sharing their experiences. The blog features detailed reviews of restaurants, street food joints, and even home chefs, making it a great resource for first-time travelers in India.

2. Finely Chopped

Kalyan Karmakar’s Finely Chopped is a must-visit blog for anyone interested in Mumbai’s food scene. Kalyan shares his experiences of eating out in Mumbai, from high-end restaurants to street food stalls. He also travels to other parts of India, providing insights into regional cuisines.

3. Veg Recipes of India

If you’re a vegetarian, Veg Recipes of India is the blog for you. Dassana Amit shares vegetarian recipes from all over India, along with detailed instructions and photos. The blog also features restaurant reviews and travelogues, making it a comprehensive guide for vegetarian travelers.

4. Passionate About Baking

Deeba Rajpal’s Passionate About Baking is a food and travel blog that focuses on baking, but also features Indian and international recipes. Deeba’s travelogues provide a glimpse into the food culture of different regions of India, making it a great resource for travelers.

5. Migrationology

Although not exclusively about Indian cuisine, Mark Wiens’ Migrationology features extensive content on Indian street food. Mark’s videos and blog posts provide a visual feast of India’s vibrant street food culture, making it a must-visit blog for food-loving travelers.

In conclusion, these food blogs provide a wealth of information for first-time travelers in India, helping them discover the country’s rich and diverse culinary landscape. So before you embark on your Indian food journey, do check out these blogs to know where you can taste the most authentic dishes of different regions of India.